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        Haolu Nickel Titanium

        Jiangyin Haolu Nickel Titanium Material Products Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. The company is mainly engaged in the research and production of nickel titanium memory alloy materials. The company's main products include:Materials for stents, guide wires, sutures, contraceptive rings, medical nickel state memory alloy tubes, various nickel titanium springs and shaping, super elastic rods materials with various components, etc.

        High quality products
        High quality products
        Nickel titanium memory alloy material
        Satisfied service
        Satisfied service
        Work together to create a better tomorrow
        Excellent quality
        Excellent quality
        Focus, professionalism, and innovation
        Quality system
        Quality system
        Core competitiveness and management level

        Focus, professionalism, and
        innovation are our constant pursuits

        The main products include: stent materials, guide wire materials, suture materials, magnesium alloy degradable pipes,
        absorbable sutures, medical nickel state memory alloy pipes, various nickel titanium springs and shaping,
        nickel titanium microfilaments and other medical nickel titanium memory alloy materials and products.



        Understand product trends and grasp market trends

        10th Anniversary Celebration of Haolu Technology

        10th Anniversary Celebration of Haolu ...

        Haolu Technology recently held a grand 10th anniversary celebration to celebrate the company's glorious history since its establishment. At the same time, it expressed sincere gratitude to its employees and users, and looked forward to the future development direction.As a technology company with innovation as its core and committed to providing high-quality products and services, we have been continuously pursuing excellence since its establishment, bringing cutting-edge technological experiences to our users. In the past decade, Haolu Technology's sales have continued to grow, not only occupying a dominant position in the domestic market, but also expanding its influence in the international market. This celebration is a celebration of the brilliant achievements made by the company on its growth path.At the celebration site, the founder and executive team of the company joined hands to celebrate, reviewing important milestones since the establishment of the company and sharing their future development vision. The founder expressed gratitude to the employees in his speech, thanking them for their hard work and dedication, which helped the company go through a decade of ups and downs. They mentioned that they will continue to focus on product innovation and improving user experience in the future, striving to become industry leaders.During the celebration, the company also organized a series of colorful activities to share joy with employees and partners. The activities include celebration dinners, team collaboration challenges, and employee recognition ceremonies. At the dinner party, everyone shared delicious food and celebrated this important milestone together. The team collaboration challenge not only enhances the understanding and team spirit among employees, but also creates a joyful atmosphere. At the employee recognition ceremony, some employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company were commended, and their contributions and efforts were commended and thanked.In addition to reviewing and celebrating glorious achievements, the 10th anniversary celebration also actively looks forward to the future. As a driving force for technological innovation, we promise to continue increasing our research and development investment, committed to launching more innovative products and services to meet the constantly changing needs of our users. At the same time, the company will further expand its international market, build a broader cooperation network, and bring more international experiences to users.The company's 10th anniversary celebration showcases its spirit of innovation and deep affection for users. This celebration is not only a joy and celebration of the achievements of the past decade, but also a promise and determination for future development. The company will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and excellence, and create a better future for users!

        Haolu Technology holds its annual meeting

        Haolu Technology holds its annual meet...

        In this festive season, Haolu Technology recently held its annual grand event to applaud the company's brilliant achievements in development.At the annual meeting, the company leaders expressed sincere gratitude for the tremendous success achieved by the company in their opening speech and reviewed the important breakthroughs made in market competition over the past year. He emphasized the company's determination to continuously promote innovation and promised to continue providing users with higher quality products and services.At the annual meeting, the attendees participated in a series of colorful activities throughout the entire process. Firstly, the sales team presented the data and details of product sales over the past year to everyone. The company's products have achieved significant growth in the market, and the sales team will continue to strive to provide users with better experiences and services. In addition to displaying sales data, the company also held a symposium with the theme of "innovative spirit". At the symposium, department heads shared their team's efforts and achievements in innovation, and demonstrated their breakthroughs in technology research and development, design, quality control, and other areas. This symposium has provided a good platform for communication and cooperation among departments, inspiring more innovative inspiration from everyone.In addition, industry experts were specially invited to give keynote speeches at the annual meeting, and an award ceremony was organized. At this ceremony, some employees who have made outstanding contributions in the company's development process were commended. Their intelligence, intelligence, and hard work have taken the company to a higher stage.